If you’ve found the ideal apartment in a great neighborhood, you’re in luck! Moving to a great apartment can be a life changing experience, but if you feel like the space is limited in your new home, there are many ways you can make your apartment feel bigger. Here are a few tips on how you can do so.

room with a lot of wall art

Strategically Placed Wall Art

If you want to make your apartment feel big, you should hang your wall art strategically. You can choose to hang pieces horizontally, so they elongate the look of your room and make your area feel taller. Another great idea is to choose and stick to a color theme so that everything flows well and your eyes are drawn to pieces that aren’t big or bulky. Another trick to consider is placing mirrors throughout your spaces, which help bounce light around and trick the eyes into thinking there is more space in your home.

white walls with white art

 Apartments With Light Colored Walls

Light is your big help with making your space look bigger, and utilizing lighter tones of paints for your walls reflects more daylight and gives the illusion of a bigger space. Lighter tones on your walls open your home up and mirror the daylight better, so be sure not to hang too many large, dark items on the walls, and if you like a darker color for paint, place the darker tones on an accent wall.

modern furniture

 Keep Furniture Away From Walls

Pulling your furniture away from the walls can help to make your space look bigger, too. By creating smaller spaces, or ‘moments’ within a room, you make it feel bigger by getting more use and more design out of the space. However, this will work better with smaller pieces of furniture so you don’t block pathways or the flow of your rooms.

wood trim mirror on wall

Big Windows

Ventilation and sunlight can help make your apartment look bigger, and with bigger windows, your space feels more open and airy. If you don’t have a lot of windows, you can either place mirrors on the walls across from the windows you have in your apartment, or emphasize your windows with decor. You can also choose window dressings that let light in while still providing privacy, like roman blinds or sheer curtains. 

Moving to an apartment can be an exciting experience, and when it comes to decorating it, it’s always nice to make it look spacious. If you are looking for an apartment in Brighton, Elements at Prairie Center is an ideal choice. Get in touch today!