Decorating your apartment for the holiday season can be a lot of fun way to celebrate a time of year that many people eagerly anticipate. There are many ways you can decorate your apartment, and Elements at Prairie Center offers the perfect location for you to do so! Here are some tips on how to decorate your apartment for the holidays:

holiday centerpiece

Adding A Holiday Centerpiece

A Christmas tree, Menorah, or other holiday’s focus is likely to be the most important element in your holiday decor. If you celebrate Christmas, you can easily decorate your apartment with a Christmas tree, and you and your family will enjoy it greatly! Add traditional Christmas-themed lights in multi colors to your tree for a fun and festive look, or clear lights for a classic, timeless feel. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, adding decorations around your Menorah or other centerpieces, like (non-flammable) tinsel, fruits, baubles, and more can create a timeless, stunning display.

wreath on blue door

Decorate Your Door

Your door is the first thing that people notice when they come to your place or walk by in the halls. You can decorate your door by hanging an elegant wreath on your apartment door, or if you like to add even more festive fun, you can use poster putty or tape to “wrap” your door like a giant holiday gift and make it attention-grabbing and unique. For a fun DIY project, you can also fashion evergreen branches into a wreath or door-hanging for a fresh, welcoming scent whenever you enter your home.

lights under christmas tree


Adding decorative lights will brighten up your place and give that festive feeling to your guests and roommates. Light up your indoor plants with small LEDs, frame your windows, mirrors, or hallways with strings, and clip or zip-tie outdoor-safe lights to your balcony’s railing. You can use Christmas-themed lights in green and red to give the perfect look, create an icy, winter-wonderland feel with lights in cool colors, or provide a glowing, bright display by accenting with white or colorless lights. 

a stack of holiday cards

Holiday Cards

Collect all the holiday cards that have been sent to you and hang them from a décor ribbon on a mian wall or room. If possible, you can also stand the cards on the shelves or tables. This will add fun colors to your décor while also adding sentiment and welcoming feelings to your home. It’s always nice to see familiar faces of friends and family, even if they’re not with you this holiday season! 

Decorations are a must-have for many people during the holiday season. Are you looking for an apartment in Brighton to finally put up your dream decorations?  Elements at Prairie Center offers the perfect space for your best holiday living. Find the perfect apartment for your holiday, and contact us today!