Regardless if you have been to Brighton, CO a hundred before or if you have never been to Colorado at all, visiting somewhere and living there are two different matters entirely. Colorado is defined by the beautifully dramatic Rockies, breweries, and more. If you are considering moving to Colorado and Brighton is on your list, here are a few things to know before you move.

Where Is Brighton?

Brighton is just northeast to Denver, which is in eastern Colorado. Brighton is sometimes referred to as a suburb of Denver. It is out of the mountains, but close enough that it is not too far of a drive to ski, sled, or snowmobile if that is what you are moving to Colorado for. Brighton is a smaller municipality that is growing quickly due to an increased number of people moving to Colorado. It is close enough to Denver that the opportunities of the city are not too far away either.

Demographic of Brighton

Brighton’s growing population consists mostly of families and young professionals who commute to Denver. The schools in Brighton are many and award-winning, and the cost of living is less expensive than it would be in Denver or other cities in Colorado. Political views of Brighton are moderate for the state and the municipality itself is considerably diverse with a large population of Hispanic and Latino residents. Brighton has a variety of job opportunities available, being so close to Denver and growing rapidly with jobs for young professionals. If you’re ready to move and looking to settle down, consider one of the luxury apartments of Elements at Prairie Center.

What’s The Weather Like In Brighton?

Colorado is known for its four seasons, however gorgeous or extreme. Like most of Colorado, Brighton also experiences winters which are very cold but dry, and partly cloudy. Summers tend to be mostly clear and hot, without being so extreme as say Arizona or Florida. Spring can be muddy and Fall is just perfect temperature with a pop of color. Unless you dislike sunshine and 300 some days of wonderful weather, Brighton is a wonderful place to live.

Close To Barr Lake State Park

Colorado has 41 state parks, which are all diverse and incredible to explore. The number one thing to do in Brighton is visit Barr State Park. This natural gem is a great place for anyone to take a walk through or sit by the lake. It is especially great for photographers and bird watchers. Definitely don’t miss the Eagle Tour; eagles winter in the state park and every year one pair stays to nest. During this tour, a motorized car will drive you and your loved ones through the park to show you rare views of these beautiful birds.

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Brief History of Brighton, CO

Founded in the 1870s, Brighton was originally named Hughes Station and served as a tage/railroad depot and farming community. It was later renamed Brighton after Brighton Beach in New York. Brighton is known for having produced some name-worthy scholars, including but not limited to Richard Ling, founding editor of Mobile Media & Communication, and Max Pfeffer, Senior Associate Dean of the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Ready To Move?

Brighton is an up-and-coming place to live in Colorado. It offers a great balance of urban and rural living with plenty of opportunities for young people and growing families alike. If you’re ready to move or looking for a new place to live in Brighton, consider applying to Elements at Prairie Center. Our tenants are Colorado natives and newcomers alike looking for a life of luxury near the Rockies. Apply today!