Moving to a new place is exciting and stressful, but this process can be simplified with staying organized during the move. There are many things you can do to stay organized during your move, and at Elements at Prairie Centre, we want to help our residents have an easy transition into our community. We’ve put together some tips to help you stay organized while moving.

woman packing up boxes in room

Plan Your Packing:

Don’t wait to pack for too long, as it’s the most important step. First, eliminate the items you don’t want to take to your new home by creating ‘donate’ and ‘trash’ piles, and then start packing room by room. As you come across items you no longer want to keep, add them to their appropriate piles. Try not to pack necessities too far in advance, but be sure to pack away items like finished books, decor, and out-of-season clothing first. Similarly, pack your necessities all in one place so that you can start unpacking them and using them easily when you move.

man organizing boxes

Organized Boxes:

Putting your stuff in boxes according to which room they belong to is a good idea for staying organized. You can put your bathroom items in designated boxes, bedroom things in labeled boxes, and then place those boxes in the new rooms they were designated for when you move. This will make unpacking easier because you don’t have to lug boxes from room to room as you unpack, and will also ensure that you don’t lose any boxes during transit.

movers moving box down stairs

Plan Ahead

To make sure that your moving journey is as smooth as possible, it’s best practice to plan ahead. This includes planning whether you want to hire movers, getting details from your new utility companies, stocking up on supplies, preparing your pets and kids for the move and more. By getting the details all ironed out ahead of time, you can be sure that you know what’s going on at all times while you transition into your new home. 

woman making a packing list

Make A Checklist:

Moving can be an extremely difficult process, especially if you haven’t done it before or are under prepared. Missing out on things is quite common and understandable, but to avoid missing things, you can begin with a checklist that provides you with a framework for everything that needs to be done in the moving process. If you’re unsure about the moving process, search online for pre-made packing and moving lists Through this, you will be able to track your stuff and make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Many people deal with a lot of difficulties when moving to a new place. Staying organized can help you lessen your stress and make the moving journey a good one. If you are looking for an apartment in Brighton, Elements at Prairie Center is the best option. Contact Us now.