Moving isn’t easy for either humans or pets. Moving can be hard on everyone involved, which is why we’ve put together a few tips on how to make moving easier on your furry family members. Many apartments don’t allow pets, but at Elements at Prairie Center, we know they’re important members of many families in our community. That’s why we not only allow pets, we also offer conveniences and events specifically for your pet.

weiner dog in box

Familiarize Your Dog With Moving Supplies:

Buy your moving supplies before you start with your moving and leave them in your home so that your pets get familiar with the materials. If you can do so safely, allow your pet to play in or around the boxes and cartons and give your pet treats around the boxes so they aren’t anxious as you start to pack things for your move.

dog in dog bed

Stick To A Normal Routine:

It’s important for your pet that you follow their normal routine, even during packing and unpacking. The less chaotic the home and your routine are, the less stress your pet will have. Give your pets treats and food at their normal time, provide playtime or walks, and brush them like usual throughout your packing process. Here in Brighton. Elements at Prairie Center have nearby parks for walks and safe balconies and patios. Join a pet-loving community now.

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Prepare For The Trip

It is best to plan for your trip beforehand, keeping your pet’s needs in mind. Whether you plan to travel by car or any other source of transportation, make sure that your pet feels safe and comfortable. For this purpose, you can buy a car harness for a car or a travel crate for the plane so that the time spent is safer and more secure.

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Prepare Ahead Of Time

Before moving to a new place, prepare your pet, by making sure you have everything you need to make them comfortable in their new home. If you have a dog, and you’re moving a short distance, you may be able to take them to your new home and familiarize them with the scent and layout. If that’s not an option, calming medications, supplements, and comfort items are always great to have on hand so your pet has an easier time adjusting to the new home.

Moving to a new place can be more stressful for your pet than it is for you because they don’t always know why you both suddenly have a new home. You should plan ahead to avoid any surprises and familiarize yourself with your pet’s needs and comforts before you move. If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Brighton, Elements at Prairie Center is your premier choice! Contact us now.