Moving is hard not only for adults, but kids too. Moving to a new place can be exciting for kids, because it’s a new experience altogether. However, changing schools, making new friends, and so many other things can leave your child in a stressful position. Elements At Prairie Centre have great apartments and a community that will help your child adjust quickly to your new place.

mother speaking to son

Discuss Moving With Your Kids

Discussing the move with your kids beforehand is always a good idea to make moving easier on them. Tell them that they’ll be moving to a community where they can easily make friends, and why you’re moving to a new, fun area. You can also discuss with them the amenities that they’ll enjoy while living at Elements At Prairie Centre, such as the community garden, swimming pools, and more.

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Visit The Place Before Moving

Take your kids to the place you are moving to, or if possible, plan a playdate at a nearby park with the kids in the new neighbourhood. This will help kids associate the new area with positive experiences and help them get excited about the move to a new place. Once you’ve moved in, let them choose their room (if possible), and take them out to the store to buy something new and fun for their new space. Additionally, you can show them nearby parks or locations that would interest them.

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Preserve The Memories

If your kiddo is concerned about losing the memories created at your previous home, help them preserve what they love by taking photos of their room, of the things they love, and more. Make memory boxes and add pictures, stickers, and everything that has sentimental value. You can also plan a party with their neighborhood friends and help them make memories that will last. Take pictures, record their videos with their friends and do anything that they would love to look back at.

little girl unpacking boxes

Allow Them To Unpack And Get Settled

To help your kids be more involved in the new home, allow them to unpack their stuff, toys, books, stickers and arrange them the way they like best. You can set the furniture, but ask them to decorate their desk, or to unpack their books, toys and other belongings in their new room.

Settling in a new home can be a tough job, especially for the kids. If you are looking for an apartment in Brighton, Elements at Prairie Center is the best option. We offer kid-friendly apartments which have a lot of amenities, nearby parks and a good community. Reach out today to get your leasing process started!