Making a smaller impact on the environment and lessen your carbon footprint, you first want to start with the energy you’re using in your home! If you’ve been looking for Apartments in Brighton, CO, look no farther than The Elements at Prairie Center. Our energy-efficient apartments include smart design features that are made to make your life easier and make it easier to save energy on a daily basis.

lamp on in partment

Turn Off Your Lights

It may seem like a no-brainer since everyone’s heard it, but the first step to saving energy is to switch off the lights when you don’t need them. Another way to cut down on electricity use is to use fans or open windows instead of your air conditioner, when possible, since your AC is a large appliance and tends to use more energy when running. Switching to energy efficient bulbs like LEDs, is eco-friendly and saves money on your electric bills as well.

washer and dryer set

Use Appliances During Off-Hours

Instead of using your bigger appliances like your washer and dryer or your dishwasher during the daytime, try to use them during off-hours, when the cost of running them will cost you less. After 7pm is generally a great time to start with your dishwasher and washing machine because water usage is lower at that point during the day.

sink with water on

Save Water

One of the best ways to save energy and lower your utility bills is to lower your water usage! Great ways to save water on a daily basis are by turning off your faucet when you’re in the middle of brushing your teeth, lowering the time you spend in the shower, and using less water when you wash dishes by hand. At Elements at Prairie Center, we are sure to only install water-efficient appliances in our apartments, so they’ll work alongside you to help keep water usage down!

thermostat turned low

Lower The Heat

Did you know that a person’s carbon footprint is heavily impacted by how much heat or cooling they use? To avoid making your footprint larger and to save on energy usage, set your thermostat to a regular temperature and utilize other ways of heating or cooling your home while there. Usually, it’s better to set your temperature a little lower during the warmer months and a little higher during the colder months, and dress seasonally with light fabrics in the summer and sweaters or layers in the winter.

Use these energy saving tips and help contribute positively to the environment while you enjoy your new, efficient apartment! If you are looking for an eco-friendly apartment in Brighton, Elements at Prairie Centre is your premier choice! Contact us today to get started!